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Geyer Farm Service is a full service provider of Horse, Livestock & Small Animal Feeds, Supplements, Health Products along with a wide selection of Farm accessories and supplies for sale. Come see our friendly staff today!

Geyer Auction Service provides a wide variety of auctions which are held throughout the year at our Store, including Consignment Auctions, Weekly Hay & Straw Auctions, Weekly Small Animal Auctions and frequent Horse & Tack Auctions.

Our auctions are held at 3040 Dietz Road just outside of Williamston, Michigan. Consignment Auctions run from March - October, with Hay & Straw / Small Animal auctions occuring weekly on Saturday mornings. Horse & Tack Auctions are held on the first Saturday of every month. If you have any questions about our auction schedule or participating in upcoming auctions please Contact Us for more information.

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Hay & Straw / Livestock Auction Results

Auctioned Item Quantity Price Range
Square Hay 2438 $1.20-$6.00
Square Straw 201 $1.60-$2.00
Round Hay 258 $5.00-$40.00
Large Square Straw 8 $15.00 each
Wood 5 $22.50-$50.00
Dozen Eggs 15 $2.00-$2.70
Hens 2 $5.50 each
Roosters 11 $1.50-$5.00
Pigs 8 $70.00-$80.00
Turkey 1 $12.50
Goats 3 $22.50-40.00
Rabbits 4 $3.50-$6.00
Pigeons 15 $1.00-$2.75
Deacon Calves 5 $140.00-$230.00
Feeder Cattle 2 $1025.00 each

Animal Feed

We have a great selection of quality feed for pets like Dogs & Cats all the way to Livestock, Farm and Show Animals. Stop in today for branded or custom mixed feed.

Consignments Welcome

Have something to sell? Let us help you make money. We want your consignment items! Please contact us for more information or check our schedule for upcoming dates.

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